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The interface combines the feeling of a nine string bass guitar with the black and white color scheme of a piano keyboard so even guitarists who play by ear will always know what notes they're playing.
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Velocity Sensitive Touch

iFretless has unique algorithms for sensing touch force, giving more precise control over the volume of each note you play.

Dynamic Bass Samples

iFretless Bass features three bass sounds with three different playing styles: slap, fingerstyle, and synth bass. Each note is re-recorded at least six times, each time at a different volume level, resulting in a dynamic and expressive sound.

Virtual MIDI

You don't need to own expensive synth hardware to use iFretless as a MIDI controller. There are more than thirty professional MIDI synth apps that can run in the background while you play iFretless. Connecting these to iFretless by virtual MIDI, you can get thousands of great instrument sounds.

X-Y Pad

When you use iFretless as a MIDI controller, you can assign any two CC parameters to the x and y coordinates on the pad, giving you the ability to control the tone or volume as you play.

Built-In Music Player

The music player allows you to play along to songs from your iTunes library, giving you separate volume control for independently mixing the bass guitar volume with the music volume.

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