Gain Stage Vintage Clean

This plugin sounds totally unlike any existing hardware amp but it also sounds totally different from any other software amp plugin. If you need for a perfect copy of your favorite tube amplifier this is not the amp you are looking for. However, if you want something new and different with a warm, softly saturated tone and none of the harsh fizziness found in badly-designed software amps then you will love Gain Stage Vintage Clean.
Gain Stage Vintage Clean has a unique feel that becomes warm and punchy as you increase the input gain. The unusual design of this amplifier eliminates more than 99% of the unpleasant aliasing noise typically associated with software amps. Compared to other amp sims, listeners immediately recognise that is has a sweeter, more natural tone quality. Compared with real guitar amps, it takes more gain to push this plugin into distortion so when you increase the gain it will become warmer and more but it won't easily go into heavy distortion.
When we started work on this plugin we intended to build a software amp that handles every style from clean country to hardcore and metal but when we discovered that its design doesn't handle high-gain distortion tones, we started working on a new design that more closely resembles real high gain guitar amplifiers. However, since many of our beta testers liked the clean and low-gain distortion tones that this design makes, we are releasing Gain Stage Vintage Clean as a separate software amp with a sound that you can't get anywhere else.
Gain Stage Vintage Clean includes six amp models: Four clean amps, one blues amp and one crunch-style amp. It also has everything you need to get a basic clean guitar sound: two five-band equalizers, stereo cabinet simulation, reverb, and a peak limiter.


5-band pre and post eq allows you to get a wide variety of tones out of each amp model

The stereoizer and room reverb make the guitar sound come alive in a way that ordinary reverb plugins don't accomplish

Oversampled amp modeling eliminates digital aliasing artefacts found in most other amp simulators

Supports full-stereo processing for use with synths and other stereo instruments

A built-in peak limiter keeps the signal from overloading other plugins in the chain