Multiband Haas Effect

Multiband Haas Effect

Haas effect is a micro-delay applied to either the left or right channel of audio (but not both). This simple effect creates a realistic and natural-sounding increase in the width of the stereo field that still sounds good when mixed back to mono. It is the most simple and effective way to take a mono input and make it sound like stereo. But Haas effect has some problems. First, it can create phase cancellation problems in the bass frequencies, causing them to loose volume. Second, it can sound a bit artificial at high frequencies. This multi-band Haas effect plugin is a simple way to get the stereo width you need in the midrange frequencies without loosing the impact of the bass or making the treble sound phasey. You select any number from one to four bands, each with its own separate Haas delay setting and adjustable crossover frequencies. This makes mono audio sound wide and spacious while preserving the original tone and spectrum transparently.


Works well with host app modulation

Keep bass tight and prevent high end from sounding phasey while still having intense stereo widening at mid frequencies

Converts mono to stereo without modifying the tone or sounding like an electronic effect

Spectrum view helps identify the appropriate place to set the cutoff frequencies between bands

Scales smoothly to any screen or view size